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Thousands of Bujinkan practitioners have taken the godan test. (Over 800 people passed, Soke keeps a record of the number of people that pass the test). No page on the internet is currently paying any attention to the test, this is why I decided to put together a page about this most peculiar test of tests. The internet is a wonderful medium for people to provide information on various subjects. The godan test is very important within Bujinkan as it is a barrier (the only 'visible' test) that must be taken at some point to proceed in training.
the godan badge
"The facts"

The godan test (godan no shiken) is also called sakki test. 'Sakki' meaning killer intention. the test goes like this. It is only carried out by soke, the jury consists of the instructors that are present. Usually it is done after training. In Japan everyone that attented training is allowed to watch, at taikai soke usually only allows shidoshi-kai members to be present. The practitioner is seated on the floor with his eyes closed. Soke stands behind him, (bamboo)sword in hand.
an old style godan test in Someya dojo
Often soke taps the sword on each shoulder and on the head before closing his eyes and saying something that sounds like 'stop'. Soke will then raise the sword over his head. Next, soke strikes the sword down using his will set to actually kill the practitioner. If the practitioner succesfully dodges the attack, under the conditions that he does not touch the sword in any way and uses taihenjutsu (rolling), the 5th dan is awarded to him. If any doubt might arise over the outcome, the choice is left to the jury which should be unanimous. Every practitioner only gets two chances after every training. (There might be exceptions to the description mentioned above.)

"Personal experiences concerning the godan test"

Report Number 1: Contributed by: Marco Verheij, Holland, 13 August 1998
Report Number 2: Contributed by: Paul Richardson, U.K., 04 January 1999
Report Number 3: Contributed by: Alan Leech, U.K., 04 December 1999

The godan test is very much a personal experience. Please send me your personal experience and it will be put here. Complete stories should include:
- date of taking the test (or at least what year).
- where the test was taken.
- number of times failed before passing the test.
- what the experience was like.

"Eye-witness reports concerning the godan test"

Report Number 1: Contributed by: Leif Angestam , Sweden, 19 May 1998
Report Number 2: Contributed by: Marco Verheij, Holland, 13 August 1998
Report Number 3: Contributed by: Leen Stam ,Holland 07 September 1998

Many people have witnessed godan tests.
Please send me your eye-witness report and it will be put here as well.
Complete reports should include:
- date of the test.
- where the test was taken.
- who took the test.
- the actual report.

You can send your comments, suggestions and reports to me at risu@luna.nl. As I am well aware of the fact that the godan test might be considered as somewhat of a taboo I hope noone is offended in any way by the existence of this page. Please consider the folowing:
The reason why this page was put together is to share personal experiences.
This page was not meant to be instructional.

for comments or questions, mail; Marco Verheij